Saturday, January 2

Coffee, Chocolates and Notebooks

Hello, I wanted to show you three lovelies I got for Christmas. At the top, we have a mug o' Starbucks and candy canes that my friend Taryn bought me from London. Such a super prez! Now we can skype and drink our javas and it's almost the same as being in an actual Starbucks. Kind of. Then we have a little something from me to me. It's a vintage Quality Streets tin. I'm not sure if you can refer to a tin as being vintage but from the looks of things, it's quite ancient. Fortunately, it didn't have any vintage chocs inside because that would of been strange. And at the bottom, we have the cutest pack of pink Moleskins that my mumsie bought me among many other lovelies. Thank you Mama Mia, I love all my Christmas shizzle.


Cupcake Couture said...

So lovely! Lucky girl!

Emma-Jane said...

tooo lovely :) :) :) i love those baby pink moleskines