Friday, December 11

5 Days to Go

This is how I'd like to fill the holidays.

Sipping milkshakes with sprinkles.

Reading in a quilt covered bed with my golden lab, Bentley.

Hair twisted and pinned like Sandra's favourite blogger, Clara.

I also plan to watch Seasons 4, 5 and 6 of 24. Yup, yup, I do. I have seen Seasons 1, 7 and half of 2 and I'm completely addicted. It's brilliant! Of course we'll throw all the friends and family into the mix :)


casey said...

Now I can join you for milkshakes - yay. What time are you headed to the market tomorrow. Looking forward to meeting you !

Lauren said...

Hi Case! Have you arrived safe and sound? I must pop onto Sibling and catch up with your news. I'm looking forward to meeting you too sweets. Thing is though, I'm not sure if I'm still popping in tomorrow. I'll let ya know :)

dinkum design said...

sounds like a cosy weekend. Just right for this soggy weather.

Cupcake Couture said...

That kitty is so cute. Aaaaah!