Monday, November 16


Today, I joined the nicoleshmicole fanclab. Hurrah!
'Nicole who?' I hear some of you ask? Well, Nicole is the lovely lass behind the wonderful 'A photo a Day,' aka

It's funny, sweet and a little bit bonkers. She strikes me as the sort of girl you could meet in a nightclub bathroom and instantly bond with over a red lipstick and a cute floral dress. Yes, blokes, that's why us girls take so long in there. We're all standing by the mirror, cooeing over each other's make up bags.

Anyway, veered wildly off topic there...

So if you aren't already following this blog, do pop in and have a good old browse around. Her posts are full of witty anecdotes about life in Cape Town as a 19 year-old photojournalist. And naturally, she peppers these with lots of fine photographs. Here are some of my faves.


nicoleshmicole said...

Lauren, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you- I've been away for week. Thanks a bunch for the wonderful post:)

I'm a big fan of your blog too.


Lauren said...

No worries, glad you like :)

Yay for blogland. x