Wednesday, November 4

A room in a house

Hello there,

Today I want to say a proper hello to all my lovely visitors. Some of you know me personally and some of you have wandered in from far flung places like Sweden and Korea! It's a pleasure to welcome you all into my little corner on the web.

I'm rather new to this blogging lark and its led me to ponder what a strange and wonderous place the internet is. I picture it as this gigantic house with a trillion rooms and people of all nations passing each other though doorways and passages. Some are racing though the house to meet friends. Others are desperately searcing for information. Some wander at leisure, popping into whichever rooms take their fancy. Then there's the poor sods who knock on doors labelled Facebook and Twitter but find they're blocked from entering. Of course there's also some dodgy rooms and you have to have your wits about you but that's like real life I guess.

So why open a room of your own in the house? What should you share, how much should you share and why share at all really? These are the questions I'm asking myself about Glossary. I've found that the blogs I regularily return to, are the friendly, personal ones. I especially like blogs filled with photos because a picture tells a thousand words as they say. I see personal blogs as a bit like bedrooms. You can decorate them however you like, play your favourite songs and show off all the stuff you fancy. Those that visit your room can even leave little notes for you. As a fairly new blogger, I get quite the kick a of those! What's really cool is when someone a million miles from you, leaves a note to say that something you posted resonated with them. The internet does make the world smaller and I like that.

I know I've really gone and said the obvious here. I guess a blog is the perfect place for thinking out loud eh?

I'm not too sure how personal Glossary will become, but for now I'll continue to celebrate the little things that brighten my days, like a fabulous dress that deserves a post all of it's own or a daisy fighting it's way through the pavement. I'll also tell you more about the people and places that inspire and uplift me - Durban is full of them! With that, I wish you happy browsing and welcome you to pop back anytime.

Have a lovely day,
The girl with the bowl of Fruit Loops