Monday, November 30

Movie Sunday

Sundays can be terribly depressing. This is why we must find lovely ways to spend the day. Because the rain was falling and my feet were perished from Saturday dancing, we spent the whole day watching movies and it was fantastic.

First we played the The Boat That Rocked by the brilliant Richard Curtis. It is the most wonderful film about pirate radio in the 1960's. Now I want to listen to Jimmy Hendrix records in dark, smoky corners.

Second, was Dan in Real Life starring one of my favourite actors, Steve Carrel. Dan takes his three daughters to spend Thanksgiving with his massive family at his parents' house in Rhode Island. Shortly after their arrival, Dan heads into town alone where he meets the beautiful Marie. They form an instant connection but Marie tells him Dan she has a boyfriend. When Dan returns to his parents house, he discovers that Marie is in fact his brother's new girlfriend. Perhaps it is a plot we've seen before but it's awfully sweet and touching.

And finally, a film I've been wanting to watch for so long now, the crazy cute Little Miss Sunshine. This is the story about a dysfunctional family who travel to California in a beaten up VW bug to enter their daughter in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant. It's dark and funny and I am absolutely in love with little Olive.