Monday, November 2

Monday in Pictures

I cannot thank Cupcake Couture enough for introducing me to Niotillfem. Sandra Beijer's blog is an endless source of inspiration. I hope she keeps it up forever! Every now and then, she'll blog her day in pictures with a photo every hour. What a fabulous idea! Call me nosy but I've always been fascinated by people's everyday rituals. I love to know what people eat for breakfast, where they go for lunch, where they shop for groceries. It's riveting stuff really! So with sparks of Sandra inspiration, I thought I'd try my hand at a bit of photo journalling. Naturally, it happened that today was terribly uneventful. Neverless, here's a little look into my Monday, 2nd November, 2009.

Morning Durban. A rather grey day really.

Breakfast! A cheery pink bowl of muesli, a nectarine and the essential cuppa tea.


When is it time for lunch already?

Lunch from my favourite deli ~ the aptly named Delicious in Windermere Center. This was a smoked chicked pasta salad with pesto, sundried tomatoes and olives. I eat way too many carbs and spend far too much on lunch. Bad girl.

Body Shop face wipes! Taking a look at some products for a new piece. I'll happily write about these nifty face-savers anyday.

Matt. Champion tea-maker hard at work.

Hometime and afternoon shadows.

Time to paint toes and catch up on Elle.
Not very interesting but hey ho.


Cupcake Couture said...

Love this post! More...More! x

Anonymous said...

Thank you honey! It was a fun little project:)

Amanda said...

Love it, especially home time with shadows!

Lauren (that's me) said...

Thanks Mands:) I look forward to seeing yours in print tomorrow night.