Thursday, November 12

Five Things

5 Dear Old Love faves.

Stale Oats

I tried to win you over by mailing you artwork, books, love-notes and music. You responded with a box of opened dinosaur-oatmeal you found in your pantry. Sadly, I cherished it more then you could ever know.

Extra, Extra

My Times subscription is still in your name. Either you never look at your credit card statement, or you want to stay in my life by providing me with a hard copy of the news.

How Is Everything?
Don’t assume I had nothing to say because I didn’t reply. I had a lot to say. I just didn’t think any of it would matter.

It’s not that my life lacks love and joy. It’s just that you’re not in it.

With Childs
Today, when I found out that you were pregnant, all I wanted to do was drive down Main Street twenty miles over the speed limit to get to your arms.

Durban. 5 O'Clock.