Tuesday, November 24


A sweet thing about summer is the arrival of sparkling scents in beautiful bottles. Today we play in the fragrance counter and choose our favourites for the season. I wish for Miss Dior Cherie, a delicious blend of green tangerine, strawberry leaf and caramelized popcorn. As the notes of summer's scents play on your skin, let me share with you three fine fragrance tips I recently discovered...

It's best to avoid dabbing your wrists together after applying perfume as this can alter the scent significantly. For a subtle alternative, dab some perfume on the back of your knees - the scent will drift upwards over the course of the day. Also, try putting on your perfume right after a shower, your pores will soak up the scent, keeping you smelling gorgeous for longer. Happy spritzing!

These eau so lovely pictures were found on www.weheartit.com


Amanda said...

Gavin bought me the Miss Dior Cherie and a couple of years back and it is still one of my favs. So pretty smelling!

Lauren said...

It was actually when I smelt it on you the other night, that I thought, I must have it as well :)