Monday, November 9

Cherries and Chickens

On Friday evening, I visited Vanille Cafe for a Lomography exhibition. What a sweet surprise when I arrived to find that there was complimentary candy, cola, t-shirts and trinkets for all! What a pity when I reached into my bag and discovered that I had left my camera at home, buried under a mountain of clothes. Sigh. I do hope they throw more evening parties because it was truly a magical night with dancing to Abba and pink and white marshmallows.

In lieu of Friday night pictures, let me show you what Vanille looks like by day.

This breezy French style bistro is surrounded by a pebble strewn courtyard. Here you will sip tea and nibble on cherry cakes while chickens cluck merrily around your feet. A stairwell will lead you upstairs to a cozy design store called Fat Tuesdays. This is where you’ll find jars of charms, retro Lomo cameras and wonderful ornaments to place in your home. Head back downstairs and wander into the adjoining building. This is home to polka-dot aprons, floral tea-cups and the finest glass vases to hold your flowers. If you’re wandering what smells so nice, that'll be Lucy’s Cake Shop next door. Pop in for a rich chocolate cake, carefully placed in a candy-cane box. How lovely is that.

Take someone special. Take your camera. Take something yummy home.

Visit Vanille at 5 Bellevue Road, Kloof
Durban, South Africa
Tel: 031 7172780


siblingmine said...

Oh my gosh I did a similar stint when attending the opening of Co-op in Braamfontein last month. It was a sick party and everyone dressed to the nines.I went with my friend Maaike to fetch the camera ( after working up the nerve ) and on turning the camera on - realised I left card behind. Maaike said FAIL. I agreed.

char said...

I was there too. What a fun evening, and I also forgot my camera(huge disappointment)! I love your photos of Vanille Cafe. It my absolute fav coffee stop. Have you tried their "yummy slices"?

Lauren said...

Ooh, I have not but I must! Thanks for the tip:)