Wednesday, November 25

40 Minutes

Niotillfem's, Sandra Beijer, is holding a wonderful competition on her blog. The other day, she invited her visitors to send in a picture that makes them truly happy and a brief explanation why. Now, she's chosen her top twenty pictures and the voting for a winner begins. All the submissions are so very special but my favourite is Linnsejj's. Google has done it's best to translate her Swedish into English which makes for an even more endearing read.

''In 40 minutes. In 40 minutes he lay on the floor, I sat next to. He played for me, songs he knew that I liked. We did not say much. Just "I do not tend to play to others, except you" and "You are playing unbelievable fine". It was the best night I have experienced. And the picture makes me smile wide every time, when I think about the 40 minutes he played and I listened, the moment that made my heart started beating properly again.''


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What a lovely idea, I'm definitely off to visit her blog. I Love that photograph, and story makes it that much special.