Saturday, September 26

Thomas Krane with a K

For the past few weeks I’ve been singing along to the songs from the lads and lady of Thomas Krane.

A new addition to the Durban music scene, they’re a soulful bunch with lots of gritty guitar layered over pretty acoustic pickings. Just when you think singer and guitarist Daniel Hampton is all poetic croonings, he’ll casually let out a scream before crashing into a jangling chorus. It’s very effective - even the bored looking barmen looked up with intrigue. At their gig at Market last month, Mary-Anne, sister and back-up songstress to Dan, proceeded to scribble up a drawing on an overhead projector between chiming in on the choruses. I’ll be darned if I know exactly what it was that she drew but it was a treat to watch her bust out a felt tip Marker mid-gig. What makes these guys even more of a joy to watch is the fact that they’re just so modestly unassuming. All I want to know is, when is the album coming and where can I get it? In the meantime, find them on Facebook where you can listen to a collection of their lovely songs.

And remember, it’s Krane with a K.


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